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$10.00 each

The Mosaic showcases a stunning variety of colors ranging from chocolate to frost white with flower mosaic tapestry patterns. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Mosaics are their vibrant, iridescent turquoise earlobes. Instead of black skin like most fibro breeds, these boast a rich blue skin color while their combs and faces are a mix of black, blue, turquoise, and deep red. Here at Gold Feather Farms we have been working at creating the Mosaics and breeding them to accentuate the features we believe are most beautiful and rare.The Mosaic are exclusive to Gold Feather Farms and is the culmination of years of selective breeding.These chickens are friendly, great free rangers, excellent layers of medium cream eggs, and full of personality. Out of 10 hens we are currently averaging 7 eggs a day even in the middle of winter with no lights on them. They are large fowl in the medium size range. They are always fun to watch hatch as they come out in a beautiful variety of colors.This has been our favorite breed to work on. This is a rare opportunity to have some of these beauties in your own flock. We will only be selling a very limited quantity.

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