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Ayam Cemani

$5.00 each

Ayam Cemani are considered the Lamborghinis of poultry. Never has a breed captivated so many hobbyists across the nation like the Cemani have. They reached an all-time high price of $5000 a breeding pair when they were newly imported. I got my breeding stock directly from the importer, Greenfire Farms, in 2014 and was among one of the first people to have them in the country. I have dedicated most of my farm to this breed and have bred to improve their quality. Yes it is true that their skin, bones, and organs are all black but the rumor about their eggs being black is false. They are good layers of white to cream colored eggs and will often go broody if you let them. They are a very hardy breed and do well in cold climates as well as hot.

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